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You’ve certainly been in a situation where you’re trying to call a company’s customer service to get an answer to your question about a product you purchased.

If your matter is…press…1512#*

After first pressing  hashtags, stars and number keys as instructed by a robot voice, you end up sixth in a queue, and finally, after waiting  for 15 minutes, the robot answers your call by giving you more options, none of which fit your question.

Alternatively, the voice tells you that the service is now congested and asks you to take care of the matter on the company’s website, after which the call is dropped. You might also end up in a loop where, regardless of your choices, you end up listening to their store opening hours.

Either way, you’ll never be able to talk about your matter with an actual person, plus you’ve lost half an hour of your day and haven’t gotten an answer to your question.

However, as prompted by the robotic voice, you decide to try to approach the customer service via email. As a result, you end up filling out an endless ticket -form that crashes and empties as soon as you get it ready to send.

Patiently you start over and this time you actually get your question sent. You get an email from the company confirming receipt of your ticket and then you wait, but even after the third day, you still haven’t received an answer to your simple question.

Of course, no direct contact information for any of the company’s customer service employees can be found anywhere.

I guess this sounds familiar to you and feels as infuriating, every time. However, quietly we accept this, or we might even give some feedback to the company through their customer feedback box on their website. However, I doubt anyone has ever received apologies in return, let alone other kinds of compensation for their lost time and resentment. But we all accept it because that’s just how modern ”customer service” works nowadays.

We always have a person answering the phone in their own name

Thank you for your fast and professional service

Here at Nordic Simulators, we noticed that it would be amazingly easy to exceed and downright crush the standard level of current customer service as described above. That’s why we have consciously chosen a different, downright revolutionary path to be old-fashioned in everything related to Customer Service.

We actually always have a person answering the phone using their own name – you can really talk to the person and if they can’t answer your question right away, they’ll come back to you asap or alternatively, they’ll ask another expert to call you back immediately.

You can always approach our Customer Service by e-mail as well, without first filling in endless contact and background information forms. We always respond to e-mails latest by the end of the day with a specifically written individual answer that is personally signed by a real person.

Don’t we have an old-fashioned, almost stone-age way of handling Customer Service? Nevertheless, we constantly receive thanks from our amazed customers for our fast and knowledgeable service.

Contrary to current trends, it is normal for us to respond to customer messages in person and as quickly as possible. Moreover, we also have a very old-fashioned habit of publishing all our staff contact information including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and photos on our website for everyone to see.


Customer service is sometimes challenging and contacts are not always only positive, but we take all contacts with the same seriousness. You can call us old-fashioned, but in fact, it is a pleasure to get even unpleasant things done as quickly as possible so that they are not left hanging – in the end, it will make things easier for us as well, and it may even happen that our customers actually are satisfied and happy with the service they receive.


People are actually invited to call and send us messages because, in fact, we are all here to serve our customers. We have consciously chosen not to hide behind telephone- and information systems.

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