How to Use Nordic Recording System Also for Distance Learning?

How to make distance learning more diverse, community-based and save teacher resources?



Serving customers

in an even more versatile way

Did you know that you can serve your Nordic Simulation Recording System customers in an even more versatile way by offering them the opportunity to utilize all new or existing Nordic Recorder and/or Nordic RecMobile recording devices also in distance learning?

NEW!   Nordic DistanceConnect service


The Nordic DistanceConnect platform enables, for example, the completion of simulation exercises as well as debriefing remotely with participating students.

Show screen view of the Nordic Recorder software and chat with remote students over the network or stream video and audio from the classroom to the remote participants’ devices.

Deployment is quick and easy and requires only a few add-ons. And most importantly, the service works through all the most common video conferencing platforms available, such as Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet. This makes it easy – you don’t have to install and learn new conferencing software; simply connect remotely to a reliable software that you and your customers are already familiar with.


    The Nordic DistanceConnect platform is also suitable for customers that do not have Nordic recording equipment: you can offer the product even if the customer does not have Nordic Recorder storage equipment.

    Nordic DistanceConnect allows you to turn any space, such as a classroom, into an interactive distance learning space! As such, the service is suitable for use by all types of educational institutions and event organizers.

    Each distance learning equipment we supply can be customized according to the individual needs of the customer. Here were present two options:


    Option 1)

    Nordic DistanceConnect Pro

    Send the Nordic Recorder computer view and sound to remote learning students using the remote conference program of the teacher’s own computer.

    Students can monitor and participate in debriefing on their own computers.

    The Picture-in-Picture feature allows sharing picture and sound separately for remote viewers. For example, showing the teacher or the view of the entire classroom simultaneously as sharing the Nordic Recorder camera view. This enables perfect remote debriefing.

    External cameras and microphones can be connected to the equipment to stream classroom views and sound to distance learners.

    Nordic DistanceConnect Pro is an interactive remote debriefing application that enables, for example:
    • Interactive interaction with distance learners.
    • Speaking over a live view image.
    • Picture in picture: 2 picture sources can be connected to the remote view at the same time, such as a webcam picture from the teacher and the view from the Nordic Recorder software or any webcam (external cameras can be connected to the system).


    Nordic DistanceConnect Pro

    💡  Ideal for fixed installation in a distance learning classroom or debriefing room.

    💡  Can be used as an independent distance learning platform even without Nordic Recorder products.

    💡  The remote connection is implemented via well-known and reliable generally available familiar video conferencing applications, such as Teams, Zoom, or even Google Meet.

      Option 2)

      Nordic DistanceConnect Basic

      This is an extremely simple and easy-to-use distance learning application that is best suited for more casual distance learning work. It is a one-way presenting system, yet more versatile than a remote conference software solely.


      Basic has more limited features than Pro

      🛑 Not interactive

      🔀  Either or display. The teacher changes from the video conferencing program whether (s)he shares her/his own webcam view or the view of the Nordic recording device.

      🔁 Unable to speak on top of the Nordic Recorder debriefing shared view: the teacher must switch to a remote conference software so that the distance learners are able to hear her/his speaking.

        Integrate the Nordic Recording System with
        a video conferencing software of your choice

        How can you benefit from interconnecting these systems?




          Combining the Nordic Recording System and the video conferencing software enables teachers to use their time more efficiently because the whole class can be reached in one teaching session:

          • part of the students sitting physically in the classroom
          • some students participating remotely


          It also brings the students together in a group virtually, allowing for a better community experience.


          All exercises can be recorded with Nordic Systems:

          • Enables easy debriefing
          • Allows repetition

            Teaching at school or remotely


            1. The teacher can teach practical hands-on work in the school classroom and students follow remotely from home.

            2. The teacher may be in a remote location to guide the exercise. Debriefing is also possible from a remote location. (For example, simulation teaching, supervision tasks, supervision of exams, etc.).



            Use the Nordic System also for thesis evaluation.

              Call or email me – I’ll tell you more and help you add

              value to your customers with DistanceConnect Pro or Basic

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                Resource-saving combined classroom teaching and distance learning.

                No more repetition of same lessons for remote and in-situ students.

                Take advantage of the Nordic Recording System alongside the video conferencing system –

                the whole group sees, hears and participates in the debriefing at the same time!


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