Fixed Recording Systems


Fixed Simulation Recording and Debriefing Systems

For Training and Education

Nordic Recorder and Nordic VALT are easy-to-use, comprehensive simulation recording and debriefing systems that are permanently installed in learning environments.

Nordic Recorder is a cost-effective system for small and medium-sized spaces.

With Nordic VALT by Intelligent Video Solutions, we can implement a learning environment that encompasses the entire building.



Recording systems for recording simulation exercises in learning environments.

Nordic Recorder is part of the Nordic Simulators product family, which is controlled by our own easy-to-use recording and debriefing software.

The product has been developed in collaboration with professionals in the simulation world; resulting in a high-quality, very easy to use and versatile system.

Nordic Recorder uses high-quality HD digital cameras, some with built-in microphones.

The cameras have infrared lights, so the system records in simulation training mode even without lighting. Night videography can be used, for example, when practicing for special conditions under power outages or military field medicine.

Our system operates on a closed network that ensures a high level of data security.

Nordic VALT by Intelligent Video Solutions is a powerful simulation software system for online recording and playback.

The Nordic VALT application is based on secure making and viewing of recordings from a wide range of perspectives, which allow an unlimited number of cameras to be connected to the system. The Nordic VALT application can be used to build multiple separate learning environments on a single server, which users can connect to from anywhere.

User permissions allow students, teachers, and administrators to have a unique login ID that provides customizable security settings for viewing, recording and playback.

The simulation recording software works within a browser to diversify the viewing and management of camera angles.


    Nordic BEAM by IVS allows users to take advantage of iPads and iPhones as mobile video interfaces.

    Easily record video content from a connected iPad or iPhone with BEAM technology. BEAM’s customizability makes the product suitable for multiple different needs.

    The mobile recording app is easy to set up and use. Video management and sharing can be fully automated using our VALT application.

    Stream audio and video from named iOS devices in real time. In streaming mode, the IOS device is fully controlled via VALT software.


    Multiple Opportunities

    Recording with Fixed Devices

    Medical Simulations
    Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
    Business and Sales Training
    Psychology Sessions
    Security Training
    Rescue Services
    Universities and Schools of Applied Sciences
    Police Interviews
    Usability Testing

    Data Security


    The Nordic Recorder system operates on a closed network and is therefore not vulnerable to external data-security attacks.

    Almost every feature or function in Nordic VALT can be enabled or disabled at the user group level, allowing for a secure access structure.

    Medical Simulations

    Interview Recording

    Security Training

    Rescue Services

    Business and Sales Training



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