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The purpose of the simulations is to mimic reality

The goal of the simulation exercise

So in practice, they work as a training ground for various things and phenomena.

The person in the simulation is exposed to different types of stimuli that then guide his actions and take the situation hopefully for the goals chosen by the simulation builder.

My simulation philosophy is based on the fact that the facilitator of the simulation (person or organization) must be aware of the goal of the simulation exercise, and/or what the simulation aims to achieve.

At best, well-done simulations motivate students a lot

Simulations are mainly used for two purposes. Educational use is of these two certainly still the most common. In addition to this, simulations are used for entertainment.

The best examples of these are PC and console games and role-playing games.

Sometimes the limit between educational and entertainment use is volatile, and in that case, we are at the source of a high-quality teaching simulation.

“School can be also nice” is an old cliché, but sometimes it’s also true. Motivated simulation student is easy to guide and he/she also learns from simulation more effectively.

Also, several studies have confirmed that well-done simulations motivate students a lot.

well-done simulations motivate students a lot.

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Simulations have been used for decades in certain areas of education to support teaching. For example, aviation, healthcare, and military technology have simulated various teaching events for a long time. Over the past 5-10 years, simulations have spread to almost every area of education. 

As the simulations become more commonplace, an ordinary citizen can see simulations and simulators in various places. In addition to entertainment, simulations can be seen, for example, in a driving school, museums, and amusement parks, or even at trade fairs. In fact, simulations can be found on closer inspection inside our everyday activities.

The following is a brief example of simulations of my own life from the point of view of family life.

My own family includes me, my wife and two small children (1 and 3 years old) as well as Golden retriever. Rarely in hectic everyday life will I pay attention to everyday simulations, but here is a couple of examples (note the simulation term defined above):


The Human simulation – the development of a small child.

This is the longest simulation period in human life starting immediately at the maternity ward and ending what is traditionally considered to be the milestone of adultness, 18 years of age. A little child is practicing and testing. Stimulus responsiveness is tested in diaper changes, meals, general behavior, and so on. The purpose of this simulation is to make the user as an adult independent person who knows how to work here in a challenging game of life. Not quite an easy goal! 

The Dog outdoor simulation.

This simulator can be found in our backyard. Our backyard is like a miniature simulator field including marking the location, rotation location (maybe this is for Golden retriever specialty only), and various observation points – just like a real dog walking event. 

The Driving school simulation.

Mario Kart is an absolutely stunning driving school simulation to our firstborn. It is really possible to learn useful skills from game-based simulations. I clearly remember how I was at a driving school about 20 years ago. The driving instructor wondered where I had learned my excellent car handling skills. I said that for several years I have been practiced with different car games. 

The Tourism and cultural simulation.

My wife offered us a virtual Italian food/travel simulation. A delicious pasta meal was almost like it would have been made in Tuscany Trattoria at Siena. At the same time, we discussed about the post-Corona trip to LEGOLAND perhaps during 2022. After eating, I used Google Maps to do simulations of different ways to travel to Denmark as well as preliminary budgeting for the trip. 

The Working day simulation.

Eventually in the evening after the children already went to sleep, I was planning next week’s work project as well as practical hands-on implementations in my mind. As well I could have prepared, for example, an upcoming team meeting or speech. I have found that pre-simulation is a very effective way for me, especially when thinking about work matters.




Everyone can think for themselves what kind of simulation situations they will face in their own lives practically daily.

The importance of simulations is likely to grow in everyone’s life in the future. Various more specialized areas will be included with the simulations. A good example from that is in industry where the Digital Twin development has been growing. Digital simulations utilized in a whole new way. Products are built together with Digital Twins that are worth of gold both at the product development stage and after sales, for example in demanding service and maintenance tasks.

When is it the turn of the human Digital Twin?

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