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Portable and Wireless

Recording and Debriefing Systems

Nordic RecMobile and Nordic SimplyRec are completely separate, wireless and portable recording and debriefing systems that also run on battery power without the need for an external power source. The equipment is easy to set up and deploy in approximately 10 minutes. Both systems utilize the same, intuitive recording software as the permanently installed Nordic Recorder.

The compact Nordic RecMobile device assembly comes with a small, wheeled protective bag.

Nordic SimplyRec is packed in a backpack and is easy to take with you for small-scale, changing situations. Record videos as easily as on your phone, but from multiple angles at the same time.


Record Anywhere

Nordic RecMobile and Nordic SimplyRec

Bring your portable recording system with you to your department, car, forest, or another training site where the permanently installed system cannot be utilized.


In addition to these portable recording devices, check out our latest portable recording system, the Nordic Move, which is also a complete AV unit!

Nordic RecMobile is a portable recording system in a handy, wheeled protective bag for recording simulation exercises anywhere.

Nordic RecMobile is one of Nordic Simulators’ recorder product family, which is controlled by the easy-to-use Nordic Recorder software. Three separate cameras with magnetic fastening are included. The software has no annual licensing fees.

The product has been developed in collaboration with professionals in the simulation world, resulting in a high-quality, very easy-to-use and versatile system. Nordic RecMobile can be set up for use in 10 minutes.

Nordic RecMobile uses high-quality, wireless HD digital cameras with built-in microphones. The cameras have infrared lights, so that the system can record in the dark if needed. Night videography can be used, for example, when practicing for special conditions in military field medicine or during power outages.

The fully wireless Nordic RecMobile also runs on battery power, making it completely mobile. With magnetic attachments, the cameras and batteries can be quickly attached to different locations.

3 HD cameras with microphones, together with wireless computer screen capture feature makes SimplyRec a cost-effective package.

Nordic SimplyRec is a compact portable simulation recording and debriefing system for various training needs.

Do you sometimes come across situations in your work where it would be good to record your customer service situation, training, lecture, interview, negotiation, consultation, etc. for later analysis, sharing, and further processing?

SimplyRec is a simple, very easy-to-use simulation recording system packed in the backpack. With this small-scale, however adequate equipment, situations can be recorded simultaneously from several different angles, if necessary.

SimplyRec works well for example for journalists, physiotherapists, sports coaches, and veterinarians.

Package includes
• Laptop recorder
• Nordic debriefing software
• 3 cable connected HD cameras
with microphones
• 3 camera extension cables
• Soft carrying case
• One year warranty


Multiple Opportunities

Mobile Recording with RecMobile

Simulated Mass Accidents
Police Interrogations
Teacher Evaluations
Enterprise Operations
Counseling Sessions
Field Simulations
Market Research
Psychology Sessions
Speech Therapy

Multiple Opportunities

Recording with SimplyRec

Vocational teachers
Automatic recording/monitoring of test situations
Training teachers
Enabling remote lectures
Sports coaches
Multi-angle recording of sports performances and debriefing
Personal Trainers
Illustration of trajectories
Simultaneous filming of several interviewees




Both, Nordic RecMobile and Nordic SimplyRec allows debriefing to be carried out anywhere, even in field conditions without external power sources. Versatile connectors allow connection to external displays and projectors.


In Situ Simulations

Field Simulations

Magnetic Fastening for Cameras | Nordic RecMobile


Speech Therapy

Nordic RecMobile

Nordic RecMobile

Nordic RecMobile

Nordic SimplyRec

Nordic SimplyRec

Nordic SimplyRec


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