Examples of Simulation Possibilities

Simulation usage possibilities

More Effective Learning

Quite often in training situations, the (situations come and go) session ends soon and is therefore challenging to describe in the debrief. When the exercise is recorded, it can be reviewed, and learning is therefore more effective.

You can make different annotations on the video while recording, making it easy to return to sections that require attention.

Our recording equipment is suitable for a wide range of purposes, regardless of industry. We compiled a few examples below.

Smart and easy learning

The RecMobile in a Construction Site Simulation


Goal: To record and improve the knowledge and skill level of the construction workers


Equipment and Environment: The RecMobile is installed at an outdoor construction site simulation environment. Two cameras are used to record work phase details and one to record the overall surroundings.


Why: Two close-up cameras are used to record and assess the workers’ skill levels and whether work is performed according to construction standards in a real environment. The overview camera is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the whole team,  the placement of tools and communication between individual workers.


System advantages: Completely wireless, ease of use, fast deployment of devices, multiple viewing angles

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The RecMobile at a Hair Salon


Goal: To record hair dressers’ professional, technical and social skills with customers.

Equipment and Environment: The Recmobile wireless system is installed around the customer seat – a wireless camera to shoot the customer from each side and one camera from the front to provide an overview of the simulation exercise.

Why: The two cameras on each side are used to record the technical skills and details, to be able to improve them in the next training session. The third  overview camera is used to record and evaluate the social skills of the hair dresser with the customer. During the debriefing session it is possible to review the different phases of the simulation to put  emphasis on improving details and general customer interaction skills.

System advantages: Complete wirelessness. ease of use, fast deployment of devices, multiple viewing angles

#technicalskills #practice #hairdressers #barbersshop #interaction #recording


The RecMobile in an Ambulance Environment Simulation


Goal: To record the care measures during a patient transport in an ambulance

Realization: The RecMobile portable recording and debriefing system was installed in an ambulance. The cameras were fitted using magnets in different angles inside the ambulance. The recording computer was placed on the frontseat beside the driver in the car cabin. 

Why: To record the care measures taken during the transport and to consequently perform an assessment of the care  during the debriefing session. Versatile case scenarios were created using patient simulators and real actors. 

The advantages: The full portability and independence of the RecMobile system relies on its own battery power. Ease of use and speed of setup. Several viewing angles 

#ambulance #simulator #ambulancesimulation #wireless #recordingsystem, #pre-hospital -care #patientsimulator #patientactor

The RecMobile Portable Recording and Debriefing System in Basketball


Goal: To record technical training, i.e. setups and free throws during basketball practice 

Equipment and Environment: The RecMobile system was installed on the basketball court near the basket. The wireless cameras were installed at the desired viewing angles using tripods. The recording computer was being used by the coach. Wireless connection and independent battery operation between the RecMobile system devices.

Why: To record the practice performances of the players from different viewing angles simultaneously. In the consequent debriefing session both the coach and the athlete can together see and assess the technique from multiple angles. Using the recording software, the coach can mark the good and the bad performances and they can be easily reviewed without watching the whole practice video again.  

Advantages: Fully wireless, ease of use and speed of system setup, multiple simultaneous viewing angles 

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