Nordic Simulators’ objective

You’ve probably heard the saying – practice makes perfect and perfect always practices.

At Nordic Simulators, we have always had a very clear goal – to be part of creating the best training in the world, both through simulators and recording systems. It is also important for us to be involved in training organisations more than once, all the way through our career, so to speak.

We can think of professional training as a timeline. It all starts in the educational institutions, where we can practice, first and foremost, in a task-type way and hopefully also in simulations.

Included in the training will be a wide variety of nursing training aids from IV hands to airway management. The rest of the information will come from books and field placements. Unfortunately, it is often thought that when you work day in and day out, you don’t need to practice regularly. However, it is vital that organisations offer their professionals the opportunity to practice manual dexterity, communication and emergency skills at regular intervals, in a safe environment, without training on patients.

The importance of repetition

How often is enough? Studies tell us that the information we learn, without repetition, is lost in our minds after only a month. That’s a really fast pace. Repetition is an important learning tool because it helps transfer a skill from the conscious to the subconscious mind. With repetition, the skill is practiced and rehearsed over time and gradually becomes easier.

The learning process is a slow engagement with ideas; gradually the engagement builds to a critical mass where the learner actually adopts the idea. Repetition is important because it can speed up and deepen the process of engagement. If the quality of learning is to be maintained, repeated engagement should be deliberately built into courses and daily teaching. Doing this is more challenging than it sounds.

New learning needs to be repeated and reinforced in order to be truly remembered and understood. Memories are formed as links between nerve cells in the brain, which are formed when a route is followed several times.

We will help

Above all, a successful exercise is created by an experienced and supportive trainer, interesting cases and people. You wouldn’t always think so, but equipment such as simulators are secondary in that sense. Good equipment, however, creates a whole that supports learning and the confidence of the trainees and, in the end, always improves patient safety.

Good equipment means good quality, durable, easy to use and safe. Nordic Simulators offers a wide range of excellent training aids, from simulators to various room solutions. For long-term and elderly care professionals, we offer the TERI elderly care simulator. On the acute side, training is complemented by quality products from Gaumard and Nasco Healthcare.

We want to do our part to help healthcare professionals experience success and improve their professional self-esteem and, in turn, patient safety.

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