Virtual Reality Facilities Sound and Special Effects

Virtual Facilities

Imaging and Sound Effects

Virtual Reality Facilities
Sound and Special Effects

Nordic Environment is a video wall that effortlessly creates versatile image and video environments to enhance the realistic experience of exercises.

Nordic SoundBoard is a mobile sound system designed to create background sounds to support simulation exercises.

Nordic SmartWindow is a virtual window that allows a control room view to be created in a location where an actual window cannot be built.

Training Facility

Special Effects

Nordic Environment

The Nordic Environment video wall makes it easy to convert outdoor exercises into indoor exercises or to role-play social situations. The multi-projector training environment creates an impressive experience for both large and small facilities. Premade background videos and photos come with the system, making it easy to create different environments for training sessions. You can also create backgrounds suitable for your workouts with the included 360 camera.

Tell us what kind of virtual space you need, we will suggest the most suitable solution and make an offer.

Nordic SoundBoard


Nordic SoundBoard is a sound system designed to create background sounds to support simulation exercises. The system is controlled from a tablet on which a connected Bluetooth speaker can be battery-powered or permanently installed. The hardware includes a wide range of pre-recorded sound libraries. Nordic SoundBoard also allows for the customer to record and play their own customizable sound effects.


Nordic SmartWindow

Nordic SmartWindow includes a camera installed in the training room and a connected widescreen display installed in the control room. Nordic SmartWindow allows the customer to view the training room without a real window and, if necessary, the control room and training room can be separate from each other.


Virtual Reality Facilities

Image or Video Environments


The exercises provide a sense of reality with the Nordic Environment image, video and sound environment. The simulation is at its best when the training situation is as authentic as possible.

Nordic Environment in a training room with a curved wall
Nordic Environment curved wall
Venue Examples for Nordic Environment and SoundBoard


Swimming Pool
Train Station

Create a One-Way Window Anywhere


Nordic SmartWindow allows a virtual window to be built where a real window cannot.

A one-way observation window is required between the training room and the control room. In some situations, it is not possible to build an actual window if the wall material does not allow for it or if it is prohibited by building regulations.

The solution is then Nordic SmartWindow, whereby a local projector is installed on the side of the control room and a special camera on the training room side, so that only a small hole in the wall needs to be drilled for the cable.

With SmartWindow, the training room does not have to be next to the control room. Several training rooms can also be controlled from a single control room using the SmartWindow.


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