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Smart and easy learning

We offer modern and innovative simulation training systems for more efficient learning.

We offer modern and innovative simulation training systems for more efficient learning. With our systems and equipment, you can train anybody in anything. Simulation centers, distance learning, classroom education or onsite practice. Our product and service portfolio includes simulation recording equipment for modern, basic and advanced education for industries listed below.

Don’t see your industry on the list? Let us know and we will custom-build a simulation training system just for you!


Medical Procedure Simulations

Healthcare Simulations

Dental Procedure Simulations

Psychology Sessions

Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Outpatient Care

Mental Health Services and Rehabilitation

Simulation in Military Medicine



Distance Learning

High Schools

Vocational Schools

Universities of Applied Sciences


Adult Education



Business and Sales Training

Market Research

Usability Testing


Civil Authority

Crisis-Management Simulation

Tactical Rescue Exercises

Police Interview Simulation


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Our Products

For Healthcare and Education Training Facilities 

Audio-Visual Simulation Recorders, Sound Systems and Virtual Reality Facilities

Our products are developed together with education professionals. Through our personalized customer service, you can get fast and comprehensive service and support for all our products. When you partner with Nordic Simulators, you get everything you need in one place.

Audio-Visual Simulation Recording Systems and Facilities

Data Security

In all our recording systems, all data is stored entirely on user-managed local servers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about security issues when you use Nordic Simulators’ simulation recording software.

Fixed Recording Systems

Portable recording systems, Nordic RecMobile and Nordic SimplyRec



Portable Recording Systems



Portable recording systems, Nordic RecMobile and Nordic SimplyRec



Portable Recording Systems



Additional Products

Design of Simulation Training Spaces

Virtual Reality Facilities Sound and Special Effects

Virtual Reality (VR) Technology





Maintenance Services

For whom?

For whom?

Customer Sectors

We are actively developing new products and solutions that provide additional value for our customers.
We strive to find and develop tools for learning that can be used in all types of simulation exercises in different fields of training.

The simulation environment also serves as a Living Lab environment for companies.

Education Sector

Behavioral Science Training
Basic and Specialized Medical Training
Business and Marketing
Simulation Laboratories
Know-How and Learning Laboratories
Group Dynamic Exercises
Video Recording of Lectures
Teacher Reviews
Skills Training
Level Testing
Multicultural Interaction Exercises
Police Tactical Trainings

Administration and Social Services Sector

Simulation of Contingency Plans
Child Welfare Customer Interviews
Custody Take-In Simulations
Mental Health Patient Interviews
Shelter Home Simulations
Legal Proceedings Simulations
Meeting Recordings
Immigrant Situation and Need Assessments

Police | Rescue Services | Security Sector

Police Tactical Training
Police and Rescue Services Command-Center Simulations
Prisoner Interviews and Situational Simulations
Counter-Terrorism Operations Simulations
Law Enforcement Situational Interview
Tactical Rescue Simulations
Crisis Management and Preparedness (CRM) Simulations
Major Accident Training
Security Services Simulations

Healthcare Sector

Basic and Specialized Medical Training
Social Services Simulations
Psychological Evaluations
Speech Therapy
Autism Research
Functional Ability Evaluation
Occupational Rehab and Physiotherapy
OSCE Evaluations Protocol
Assessment of Professional Qualifications
Patient Safety Simulations
Drug Therapy Simulations
Standardized Treatment Protocols
Hygiene Protocol
Virtual Patient Monitoring
Veterinary Medicine Simulation

Business Sector

Sales Situation Exercises
Customer Interaction Simulations
Presentation Exercises
Safety and Security Plans
Business Coaching
Job Interview Exercises
Work Process Exercises
Market and Consumer Surveys
Negotiation Exercises and Recordings
Meetings and Presentations
Usability Testing Recordings
Crisis Preparedness Training

Border Control | National Security Sector

Military Medicine Simulations
Leadership Simulations
Crisis Management Simulations
Customs and Border Control Tactical Simulations

Promoting Education and Patient Safety

We specialize in implementing easy-to-use, learning environments using the latest technology.

Our international experience in designing simulation centers is at your disposal.

Learning something new from each project is important to us in order to give the benefit to our new customers. Our products are developed in cooperation with educational professionals.

All our products are designed together with our users, resulting in our slogan ”smart and easy learning.” We strive to make our high quality products extremely easy to use. Our product family consists of simulation training recorders, sound systems and virtual spaces.

We implement easy-to-use learning environments where our technology serves our users in multiple ways. We supply our customers with the most appropriate products for their individual needs.

Year Established

Delivered Simulation Centers



Our References

We have delivered dozens of simulation centers to Finland and other European countries. The centers have been delivered to healthcare, rescue, defense and applied-sciences facilities.


Örebro University, 2019

The project was carried out by our reseller GM Medical.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, 2019

The project was carried out by Nordic Simulators.

LAB University of Applied Sciences Lahti, 2018

The project was carried out by Nordic Simulators.

Uppsala University Hospital, 2018

The project was carried out by our reseller GM Medical.





University of Borås, 2016

The project was carried out by our reseller GM Medical.







Tallinn Health Care College | Tallinna Tervishoiu Kõrgkool, 2015

The project was carried out by Nordic Simulators.

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