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To Meet the Needs for Education and Simulator Training in the Healthcare Sector


Nordic Simulators Oy

From the Origins of Learning to the Forefront of Competence

The journey from concepts to innovation requires perseverance, dedication and good timing. These matters materialized in 2007 when Nordic Simulators Oy’s founders Jani Wallenius and Jorma Jokela started their journey towards new learning trends. Simulation training gained popularity in the medical and healthcare sector, allowing even complex treatment situations to be simulated without causing suffering or harm to the patient. Jani’s extensive experience as a media entrepreneur combined with Jorma’s extensive experience as an education professional provided a solid foundation for developmental work that started with full steam in Jani’s garage.


 2007 | Veka Salminen, Our partner in sound technology

As the customer base grew and the garage became cramped, the Lahti Science and Business Park area near the harbor provided excellent premises and ancillary services for the company’s development and growth from 2009 onwards. At the same time, the company acquired exclusive rights to the American wireless patient simulators by Gaumard Scientific in Finland and the Baltic countries, which brought the company to a new level as a supplier of full-service simulation technology.


2010 began with a methodical plan to create an international distribution and partner network. This work has certainly borne fruit. The learning environments we have developed can be found in Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, England, Germany, France, Sweden and Estonia. The number of new products we import has also increased, including the American simulation-recording software from Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) and the Swedish Surgical Science laparoscopy simulators, which strengthen our comprehensive product line. We have been actively featured at international events to present our innovative technological solutions to professionals of the field.


As a result of steady growth, in 2019 we moved again to larger and more up-to-date premises and finally were able to consolidate our personnel and operations under one roof in new and comfortable facilities. Even today, here at Nordic Simulators Oy we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing the technology needed for simulation learning in accordance with current trends and in cooperation with our more knowledgeable customers.


The journey from a garage to the modern premises and a professional team of 7 people has been rather rewarding – and the journey only continues from here…

Smart and easy learning!

2019 Surgical Science
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